Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility (HHWCF) Grants

Division of Solid Waste Management

Eligible Applicants

Tennessee municipalities that meet the criteria established by T.C.A. §68-211-828(a) which states: 

“From funds available from the solid waste management fund, the Department shall award competitive grants for collection of household hazardous waste at a permanent site to municipalities with a population of one hundred thousand (100,000) or more in counties with a population of two hundred eighty-seven thousand seven hundred (287,700), or more, according to the 1980 federal census or any subsequent federal census, and to the municipalities or counties that are determined by the department to be the next largest in terms of population or level of participation, or both, in mobile household hazardous waste collection events”.

Or entities deemed a priority under this offering for establishing temporary collection infrastructure may apply for consideration.  Selection for these facilities will be based upon identified need, project soundness, geographic distribution need, and alignment with the goals of the State’s 2015-2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan.

Also, Tennessee municipalities or counties that currently operate an existing HHWCF may apply, as authorized by T.C.A. §68-211-828(b).

Eligible Projects

Eligible equipment and infrastructure includes program defined temporary storage buildings, siting of permanent collection facilities, approved safety equipment and signage, and identified HHWCF Operating and Disposal reimbursement.  Applicants previously awarded grants from the Solid Waste Management Fund in the last two years that are under related program contracts with open balances or who have failed to meet the obligations of those contracts are ineligible.

Funding and Matching Requirements

The Household Hazardous Waste Grant takes limited allocation of funding into consideration by two allocations of funding opportunities based upon T.C.A. §68-211-828 (a) and (b).         

Hazardous waste collection at a permanent site to municipalities with an aforementioned population basis.·        

Establishment of a permanent household hazardous waste collection site; and assistance in the maintenance or operation of the permanent household hazardous waste collection site.

The Department will award grants based on merit according to a technical and administrative evaluation of  documentation submitted in the application and alignment with the goals of the State’s 2015-2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan.  No matching funds are required.

Temporary collection infrastructure will have disposal services provided by the State approved collection service.

The State reserves the right to partially fund projects based on the application pool to attain objectives of this grant and meet the goals of the State’s 2015-2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan.  The applicant should clearly indicate key services or equipment for the project in their application.

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Bob Fletcher