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Waste Tire Cleanup Grant

Division of Solid Waste Management

Solicitation October 2, 2018 through January 14, 2019      

Eligibile Applicants:

Tennessee counties or municipalities are eligible for this grant offering, if:

  • A listed legacy Unpermitted Waste Tire Site identified by the Division of Solid Waste Management Environmental Field Offices, prior to July 1, 2014 is located in their county or city.
  • The Department determines that the site may cause harm to health, the environment, or the public.
  • Or the Department has determined that the site is too large for the county or cities resources.

Reimbursement may not exceed the approved total eligible project costs for corrective action as provided for in the budget for this grant. Force account and some in-kind contributions may be considered if approved in advance with the appropriate documentation and approvals. Cities and counties that have sites that have been identified as having waste tire sites are as follows:

  • Campbell County – Lafollette (36°20’14.78”N, 84°04’22.12“W, Baker Forge Cem)
  • Carter County – Elizabethton (1300 Block, Gap Creek Rd)
  • Claiborne County – Tazwell (36°32'03.5"N 83°27'52.2"W, Narrows Rd)
  • Franklin County – Tullahoma (218 Linda Lane, Private Property)
  • Hardin County – Savannah (Pratt Lane)
  • Henderson County – Lexington (5580 Poplar Springs Bargerton Rd)
  • Knox County – Knoxville (83°48’16.5”W, 36°02’33.17”N, Old Rutledge Pike)
  • Loudon County – Lenoir City (35°52'21.96"N, 84°18'00.18"W, Grubb Rd)
  • Macon County – Bethpage (7413 Gravely Hill Rd)
  • Macon County – Lafayette (985 Tuck Rd)
  • McNairy County – Selmer (2492 Falcon New Bether Rd)
  • Monroe County – Dixon (35°37'37.5"N, 84°18'42.6W, Hwy 322)
  • Overton County – Monroe (335 Nelson Cemetery Rd) Overton County – Monterey (101 Cliff Springs Rd)
  • Rutherford County – Rockvale (5320 Morgan Rd, Private Property
  • Smith County – Chestnut Mound (36°13’19.7”N, 85°48’10.0”W)
  • Smith County – South Carthage (36°14’17.6”N, 85°57’40.6”W, Old Sanders Creek Rd)
  • Van Buren County – Rock Island (35°42’09.3”N, 85°34’43.8”W, Rocky River Rd)
  • Van Buren County – Spencer (35°45’48.3”N, 85°25’28.7”W, Turkey Scratch Rd)
  • Van Buren County – Spencer (35°44’17.4”N, 85°28’44.6”W, Hwy 30)
  • Van Buren County – Spencer (35°46’15.0”N, 85°26’10.3”W, Yates Mtn Rd)
  • White County – Sparta (1889 Old Kentucky Rd)
  • Potential applicants shall participate in a preliminary technical conference, to review the grant criteria prior to preparing an application. Contact this grant’s Technical Contact, Bob Fletcher 615-532-9265 for details.

Eligible Projects:


  • Eligible costs for corrective action include, but are not limited to:
  • Investigation of the site
  • Contracting with a company or governmental entity to obtain any needed state or local permit(s)
  • To remove the tires and send them to Beneficial End Use (if they are deemed to be unsuitable for Beneficial End Use they may be processed and landfilled)
  • Reasonable costs for the oversight of the project and operations of the contractor
  • Restoration of the site to prevent erosion
  • A property lien will be placed on the site to recover expenses incurred by the State

Funding & Matching Requirements: 

  • No match of eligible project costs is required for grant reimbursement.
  • Force Account and In-kind services, to offset expenditures, may be considered with prior approval at application submittal.
  • Funding of projects will be limited to $500,000 offering for identified legacy tire disposal sites, no match required. Priority 1. Additional $250,000 offering for new sites with a minimum of 1000 tires total, multiple small sites allowed to leverage economy of scale cost savings and minimize mobilization costs. Up to 50% match for new site cleanup. No set maximum per grantee. Priority 2.
  • Grantees may combine sites within the same county in order to leverage economy of scale cost savings and minimize multiple mobilization expenses.
  • Applicants may request a grant for associated costs to remove the waste tires and send to Beneficial End Use in accordance with T.C.A. §68-211-867.


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If you are interested in applying for this grant offering, please register and apply via the TDEC Online Grants System

Please contact Loretta Harrington at (615) 532-0086 or for additional information.


Loretta Harrington