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Used Oil Grants

Division of Solid Waste Management

Eligible Applicants:

Tennessee counties, municipalities, and organizations which have been determined to be tax exempt nonprofit recycling organizations or who are designated as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service may apply.

Three priorities have been established for this offering:

Establish new used oil collection infrastructure in an underserved location or new site.

Upgrade or replace existing equipment at collection centers not currently meeting the standards specified in the Used Oil Collection & Recycling Grant Program Requirements.  

Establish a DIY used oil collection at an existing recycling center, solid waste collection facility, or other publicly owned facility.

Eligible Projects:

Applicants can use this grant to cover the cost to build or upgrade Automotive Fluid Collection Centers, but such funds may not be used for regular operation expenses of a recurring nature. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

Land, paving, fencing, collection tanks, electrical power, filter crushers, canopy structures, spill containment equipment, used oil transport trailers.
Planning, developing, and printing of education and outreach materials such as signage, brochures, and social media applications.

Furthermore, applicants previously awarded a grant of this type from the Solid Waste Management Fund in the last two years that are currently under contract with open balances or who have failed to meet the obligations of additional Division of Solid Waste Management grant contracts in the last two years are ineligible. 

Funding & Matching Requirements: 

Awardees shall also demonstrate minimum operating standards as specified in the “Used Oil Collection & Recycling Grant Program Requirements.”  Eligibility for future dedicated Used Oil Grant funding will be contingent upon achieving and maintaining the established standards.

Prior to any funds being released a grant project management conference must be conducted with program staff to review the terms and conditions of the grant contract including bid process and reimbursement.

Grant awards will be made based on a maximum funding per center not to exceed $66,550.00.

As noted in the “Used Oil Collection & Recycling Grant Program Requirements,” used oil collection centers approved for grant funding agree to exceed state regulatory standards for used oil collection facilities.  Funding for requests for collection center upgrades, shall consider the existing equipment at a collection center and approval will be given for additional infrastructure and equipment needed to bring the center to the minimum requirement as outlined in the “Used Oil Collection & Recycling Grant Program Requirements”.  This review also applies to requests for establishment of new collection centers. 

The Department’s intent with this grant offer is to promote environmentally preferable purchasing in support of the 2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan Objective 3 by requiring equipment to be made with recycled content, when available.  

This is a non-matching grant.

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If you are interested in applying for this grant offering, please register and apply via the TDEC Online Grants System


Cavene McHayle