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Old Closed Landfill Grants

Division of Solid Waste Management 

Eligible Applicants:

Local governments identified in accordance with T.C.A. §68-211-832 by the Department are eligible for funding under this grant opportunity. These Tennessee counties or municipalities are eligible for this grant offering, if:

  • they operated a Class I landfill permitted by the Department that is now closed; and,
  • the closed landfill does not have a composite liner system; and,
  • the Department determines that the landfill is causing harm to health or the environment through contamination of ground water.

The Department’s determination of contamination will be based on a technical review of ground water monitoring surveys. Below is a current listing of identified eligible closed landfill facilities. Sites with an (*) have previously received grant funding and have open grants and will be considered lowest priority for additional funding.

  • Haywood County LF (SNL 38-101-0111) 
  • McNairy County LF (SNL 55-101-0214) 
  • City of Greenfield LF (SNL 92-101-0041)
  • Madison County LF (SNL 57-101-0172) 
  • City of Savannah-Hardin County LF (SNL 36-101-0094) 
  • City of Bolivar-Hardeman County LF (SNL 35-101-0223)
  • City of Poplar Springs LF (SNL 53-103-0162)
  • *City of Milan LF (SNL 27-101-0045) 
  • *City of McKenzie LF (SNL 09-101-0056) 
  • *City of Martin LF (SNL 92-101-0022) 
  • *Tri-Cities LF (Dresden, Gleason, Sharon) (SNL 92-101-0031) 
  • *Sevier County LF (SNL 78-103-0153)
  • *Jefferson County LF (SNL 45-103-0241 & SNL 45-103-0066 )
  • *Loudon County LF (SNL 53-103-1062)
  • *Lincoln County LF (SNL 52-0169) 
  • *Lawrence County LF (SNL 50-0034)
  • *Putnam County LF (SNL 71-0198)
  • *Wilson County LF (SNL 95-0145) 
  • *Claiborne County LF (SNL 13-0008)*Sumner County Resource Authority LF (83-102-0115)

Eligible Projects

Applicants may request funding for costs to correct conditions relative to ground water contamination. Eligible costs for corrective action include, but are not limited to:

  • Investigation of causes and extent of ground water contamination (initial monitoring and well construction), but ongoing or reoccurring expense for monitoring and reporting are ineligible;
  • Providing an alternate source of drinking water to affected residents;
  • Construction of waterlines to allow individual residents to tap into a county, municipal or utility district drinking system after such system is made available; or, 
  • Providing temporary individualized water filtration systems in affected homes; and,
  • Other identified methods to correct contamination.


There are several activities that are ineligible for funding. These ineligible activities include routine operations and maintenance of corrective action plan or that may be reoccurring. Ongoing monitoring is considered routine operation and maintenance under this grant. If additional baseline monitoring has been deemed necessary to determine an additional baseline on new or additional impacts, these expenses would be eligible.

Privately owned landfills are not eligible for this grant offering. Landfills not on the eligible list noted above are not eligible at this time but may be eligible for future solicitations.

Funding and Matching Requirements

The Department has allocated $1,000,000 for the Old Closed Landfill Grant offering for FY2018. Applicants may request up to the maximum allocated amount of $1,000,000, if needed, to correct problems that are contaminating ground water. A match of 50% is required. Matching costs will be documented at the time of reimbursement of eligible costs. In-kind or force labor contributions will be considered for this grant if properly documented during the application process. All funding is on a reimbursement format, applicants should be able to cover all cost at the beginning of the grant cycle until reimbursement procedures are ready to begin.

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If you are interested in applying for this grant offering, please register and apply via the TDEC Online Grants System


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