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Measurement Grant

Division of Solid Waste Management

Eligible Applicants:

Tennessee counties, cities, solid waste authorities, private entities and organizations which have been determined to be tax exempt nonprofit recycling organizations who are designated as 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service may apply for grants under T.C.A. § 68-211-830.  Private entities that are qualified below under the following preferences are deemed eligible but may have different contracting requirements to fulfill State requirements.

Preferred applicants for this grant include:

  • Recovered Materials Processing Facilities (RMPF) unable to comply with the reporting requirements in Rule 0400-11-01-.09(5)(c) Reporting
  • Class III/IV Landfills unable to comply with the reporting requirements in Rule 0400-11-01-.09(5)(b) Reporting
  • Transfer Stations unable to comply with the reporting requirements in T.C.A. § 68-211-862
  • Solid Waste Regions who have failed to achieve the 25% waste reduction and diversion goal in the past five years

Eligible Projects: 

Eligible measurement equipment includes, but is not limited to pallet and truck scales, software and software subscriptions (RFID readers, route optimization, accounting, material tracking, etc.), computers including tablets used for measurement activities, and metering/monitoring devices (RFID tags, car counters, automation systems, GPS, sensors, moisture readers, etc.).

Ineligible requests include recycling equipment that is eligible in the FY2018 Recycling Equipment Grant.

Furthermore, applicants previously awarded a grant of this type from the Solid Waste Management Fund in the last two years that are currently under contract with open balances or who have failed to meet the obligations of additional Division of Solid Waste Management grant contracts are ineligible.

Funding & Matching Requirements:

The Department has budgeted $500,000 total for the Measurement Grant offering.  No grant may exceed $25,000.  A financial match of 10%-50% is required as indicated in Measurement Grant Match Requirement document found in the Budget and Attachments tab of the TDEC Online Grants System.  In-kind and force account matches will not be acceptable for this solicitation for proposals.

The Department will award grants based on the identified preferences in the eligibility section of this manual.  If funding remains, the Department will award additional grants based upon a technical review prioritizing remaining applicants based on the ability to meet the Objectives of the 2025 Plan.  Estimates provided in the Grantee’s application will determine award amount.   The Department will not accept amendments for expansion on executed contracts.

It is important that applicants research the equipment they are seeking to purchase and obtain accurate price information prior to submitting their application.  Funding is for only approved equipment identified in the application.  The applicant must plan properly and research thoroughly all requests before submitting a grant application.

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If you are interested in applying for this grant offering, please register and apply via the TDEC Online Grants System


Cavene McHayle