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Grants to Promote Materials Management

Waste Reduction Grants

The Waste Reduction Grant provides funding to Tennessee local governments and non-profit organizations to establish, expand or upgrade facilities for processing and collection of recyclable materials.

Education and Outreach Grant

The Education and Outreach Grant enables local governments, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions to provide citizens enhanced education and outreach about recycling and waste diversion.

Used Oil Grants

The Used Oil Collection Act allows for a two cent fee to be collected against every quart of oil sold in Tennessee, providing grant funding for establishment, maintenance, and upgrades of used oil and automotive fluid collection equipment.

Convenience Center Grant

The Convenience Center Grant provides funding to Tennessee counties for upgrading or establishing new convenience centers. 

Recycling Rebate

The Recycling Rebates are available for the top five (5) most populous counties (including contained municipalities) in Tennessee.

Recycling Equipment Grant

The Recycling Equipment Grant enables local governments and non-profit recycling organizations to purchase key pieces of recycling equipment.

Waste Tire Cleanup Grant

The Waste Tire Cleanup grant will provide funding to applicants wishing to cleanup a waste tire site which may cause harm to health, the environment, or the public. First preference will be given to existing legacy waste tire sites. 

Old Closed Landfill Grants

The Old Closed Landfill grant provides funding for costs to correct conditions relative to ground water contamination. 

Tire Environmental Act Program (TEAP)

The legislation authorizes funds to be used to support projects that offer increased beneficial end markets for scrap tires in Tennessee.

HHW Collection Facility Grant

The HHW Collection Facility Grant provides funding for HHW collection operations infrastructure to enhance existing operations, establish temporary collection infrastructure, and establish a HHWCF identified eligible facility.

Hub and Spoke Grant

The Hub and Spoke Grant funds equipment purchases for partnering local governments in the Tennessee Hub and Spoke Program.

Measurement Grant

The Measurement Grant enables local governments, private entities, and non-profit organizations to purchase measurement equipment for tracking solid waste, waste reduction, and recycling tonnages.

Organics Management Grants

The Organics Management Grant enables Tennessee local governments, nonprofit recycling organizations, and private businesses to procure organics waste reduction, recovery, donation,  processing, or composting equipment.