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School Composting Program

The School Compost Program is a competitive program for K-12 schools. Selected schools engage in diverting food waste through composting. OPSP provides student and teacher training, composters, and curricula. Schools report their metrics, usually pounds of food composted, and have the opportunity to engage in other activities, such as Get Food Smart TN and share tables to further promote sustainability.


Composting is the accelerated biological decomposition of organic (carbon-based) solid waste under managed aerobic conditions resulting in a stabilized product that can be used as a soil additive, fertilizer, growth media or other beneficial use.

Why Compost?
- It conserves energy and natural resources.
- It can be used to improve the much-needed topsoil.
- It can reduce landfill space and the production of methane.

Schools Currently Participating:
Clay County High School
Paulette Elementary School
Big Ridge Elementary School
Moses McKissack Middle School
McMurray Middle School


Share Table at Clay County High School


Interactive Activity at Moses McKissack Middle School


Student Training at Big Ridge Elementary School



Alle Crampton

Environmental Scientist
Office of Policy and Sustainable Practices