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Candidate Support

National Board Certification

To support aspiring National Board candidates in their pursuit of certification, the department will offer candidates who teach in Tennessee public schools access to a qualified National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) to serve as a candidate support provider (CSP). Candidate support providers are those individuals who facilitate candidates through the certification process, often starting before the teacher actually applies for certification. Candidate support providers ask questions that help a candidate show evidence more clearly, are sensitive to a candidate’s emotional needs, help candidates create organizational systems to manage the process, locate resources to help with technology demands, and provide models of feedback that broaden and deepen the candidate’s own analytical abilities.

First-time and continuing candidates may request support services from an eligible NBCT. To request support from a qualified candidate support provider, please submit an application.  The department also offers additional support for NBCT candidates in collaboration with the Tennessee Education Association (TEA). More information about these resources is available here.

Further, the department will compensate current, eligible NBCTs who elect to serve as candidate support providers. To be eligible to become a candidate support provider, qualified NBCTs must complete training through TEA. More information on this training, typically offered in the summer, can be found here.

Support Providers Process and Guidelines