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Teacher Leader Network

Established in 2013-14, the Tennessee Teacher Leader Network (TLN) exists to support districts in developing and/or refining a teacher leader staffing model that directly addresses district-level needs and professional learning goals. The models that emerge serve as leading examples of how effective teachers can provide high-quality, relevant, and ongoing professional learning related to implementation in four critical areas:

  • Instructional shifts in the revised English language arts (ELA) and math standards
  • Focused peer feedback informed by the TEAM evaluation model
  • Personalized professional learning opportunities for both teacher leaders and their peers across all schools in the district
  • Collaborative and supportive school culture through shared leadership opportunities

Additionally, creating district-specific models for teacher leadership offers another way to support broader efforts to attract, retain, and recognize top-performing teachers.

The mission of TLN is to create exemplary, innovative, relevant, and sustainable teacher leader models that identify, develop, and extend the reach of teacher leaders, resulting in increased teacher effectiveness and improved student learning.

Below is a list of districts that have participated in the TLN since its inception in 2013. Click on any district with a link to see an overview of their model. Unless otherwise noted, data is from the 2016-17 district data file. Click any header in the table to reorder the data.

*TLN Year indicates the first year a district completed or will complete the planning phase of a teacher leader model.

**Teacher Leader Budget is established through the development of the model, and is updated as information is available from the district.

District CORE Region TLN Year* Grades Served Number of Schools Teachers Students (ADM) Per Pupil Spending Teacher Leader Budget**

Districts without links are verifying information or no longer use a teacher leader model developed through the TLN.