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Supervisor of the Year

Each year an outstanding public school supervisor earns distinction as the Tennessee Department of Education Supervisor of the Year (SOY).  This honor is earned by demonstrating superior abilities in:

  • managing and motivating students and faculties;
  • evoking high standards;
  •  demonstrating a commitment to excellence;
  • implementing innovative programs; and
  • having a track record of exceptional gains in student learning.

The winner is honored during the annual LEAD Conference in Nashville.

Eligibility & Selection Process

A Supervisor of the Year nominee must:

  • Have a minimum of eight years of professional experience in Tennessee public schools.
  • Have a minimum of three years of experience as an administrator.
  • At all levels of recognition, must be employed as a supervisor in a Tennessee public school system.

Directors of schools will nominate one supervisor from the district using the online SOY Nomination Form.

The 2019-20 nomination deadline is Feb. 25, 2019.

*In addition to the eight CORE regions, Shelby County Schools and the municipal districts that lie within the borders of Shelby County will be considered a 9th SSC area for the SOY selection program.


  • In April/May, a panel of independent reviewers from all CORE regions will be convened to score written applications submitted by each nominee. Application scores are averaged together to determine the nine finalists, one from each CORE region* and Shelby/municipals.
    • *Each finalist’s district must lie within the boundaries of the CORE area that he or she is chosen to represent.
  • In August/September, the nine finalists will progress to the interview stage of the selection process.
  • These nine finalists progress to the interview stage of the selection process.
  • Each nominee’s application average score and the interview average score will be combined (averaged) to determine the SOY.

Projected 2019-20 Timeline

Dates Process
By 5 p.m. CT
Feb. 25, 2019
Directors of schools (or their designees) submit the nomination form for SOY.
March 4 Link to SOY application sent to nominees.
By 5 p.m. CT on  Apr. 1, 2019 Supervisor of the Year nominees submit application online.
April/May A panel of independent reviewers from all CORE regions will be convened to score written applications submitted by each nominee. One supervisor from each CORE region/area advances as a finalist to the interview stage.
June/July SOY finalists notified and announced.
August/September Interviews held at the Andrew Johnson Tower in Nashville.
Fall 2018 Supervisor of the Year and Principal of the Year recognition banquet at the LEAD Conference.    

Past Recipients

Year Recipient School System
2018-19 Maria Warren Loudon County
2017-18 Stacia Lewis, Ed.D. Sevier County
2016-17 Jennifer Brown Sumner County
2015-16 Sharon Griffin Shelby County
2014-15 Timothy Parrott Anderson County
2013-14 Marcia Melton Cannon County
2012-13 Bobby Cox Warren County
Year Recipient School System
2011-12 B.J. Worthington Clarksville-Montgomery County
2010-11 Dianne Williams Cheatham County
2009-10 Connie Campbell Jefferson County
2008-09 Dr. David Timbs Johnson County
2007-08 Glee Moore Sumner County
2006-07 Nancy Wagner Kingsport City
2005-06 Charlotte Britton Hawkins County
2004-05 Dr. Shirley R. Ellis Carter County
2003-04 Paul Coggins Wayne County
2002-03 Susan Bunch Henderson County
2001-02 Eleanor Hayes Sevier County
2000-01 Judith Beaty Monroe County
1999-00 Harriet Shelby Lauderdale County
1998-99 Thomas Parks Maury County
1997-98 Minnie Miller Johnson County
1996-97 Sue Boyer Knox County
1995-96 Debra Cline Sevier County
1994-95 Dr. Christine Ejlali Washington County
1993-94 Juanita Henson Lawrence County
1991-92 Dr. Bruce Mays McNairy County
1991-92 Bobby Snider Henderson County
1990-91 Georgia Sullivan Williamson County
1989-90 Dr. Jane Qualls Alcoa City
1988-89 Dr. Hilda Nason Paris Special
1987-88 Margaret Salsbury Murfreesboro City
1986-87 Thelma Seavers Milan Special
1985-86 Betty Sparks Monroe County
1984-85 Mary Hopkins Fayetteville City
1983-84 Joe Minor Tennessee Department of Education
1982-83 Beecher Clapp Knoxville City
1981-82 Kathleen Wright McNairy County