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Leaders for Equity

The Tennessee Department of Education, in partnership with its 147 districts and 38 educator preparation providers, recognizes the importance of making and supporting significant shifts in mindset and practice to provide and sustain equitable outcomes for all students. This focus on equitable outcomes for all students is reflected in the Tennessee Succeeds and ESSA strategic plans and impact all Tennessee's districts and schools.

This playbook is designed to support school, district, and community leaders to become leaders for equity by providing:
• An action plan framework to assist leaders in the selection, implementation, and monitoring of the most relevant equity commitments for their community,
• An equity shifts continuum describing the common misconceptions that must be examined and discussed for each equity commitment before moving to an equity mindset, and
• Key actions and resources that can be taken and used by school, district, school board, and community leaders for each of the seven equity commitments.

Explore the Tennessee Leaders for Equity Playbook.