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Student Supports in Tennessee

The goal of this webpage is to pull together the various state-developed student supports. Please click the icons below to be directed to student support resources.

Tennessee’s multi-tiered systems of supports (MTSS) is a framework for seeing how all the practices, programs, and interventions fit together in order to meet students’ needs both within an individual classroom and across the school building. This graphic is not exhaustive—every school and district will prioritize different programs based on the unique needs of the school community. It is most important to intentionally utilize student data to identify student needs and tailor programming to meet student needs.   


Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) consist of RTI2, Building Strong Brains, Safe & Supportive Schools, RTI2-B, Coordinated School Health, Project AWARE, Student ADvisory Councils, Bullying & Harassment Prevention, Chronic Absenteeism Prevention, Social & Personal Competencies, Family Resource Centers, Reducing Exlusionary Practices
Academic Support
Non-Academic Support
Family & Community  Support