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EPP Literacy

In 2017 the State Board of Education (SBE) approved new literacy standards for education preparation in Literacy & Specialty Educator Standards for Preparation Policy 5.505. EPPs are now required to align specified programs as defined in the policy to these standards.

Important Dates

  • May 20 - Non-ELA proposal revisions due
  • June 3 - ELA and instructional leader proposal revisions due

From fall 2017 to spring 2018, EPPs were provided support by the department to ensure their proposals were tightly aligned with the State Board of Education’s EPP literacy standards and the state’s approach to teaching literacy in Tennessee. EPPs demonstrated the alignment by engaging in a one-time, iterative proposal review process. All proposals were due in April 2018 and were reviewed by three trained reviewers. In the fall of 2018, EPPs began implementing proposal expectations and standards in their programs.

The EPP literacy proposal templates and rubrics for all middle, secondary, CTE academic, pre-K-12, and instructional leader programs that lead to initial licensure are now available in the resources section below.

n January 2018, the department hosted the first EPP Literacy Network meeting. The network is comprised of lead literacy faculty from each EPP across the state who are dedicated to excellence in literacy instruction for Tennessee students, recognize the importance of educator preparation, and promote the preparation of effective literacy educators in the state of Tennessee. Through the network, faculty will:

  • continue to develop understandings of Teaching Literacy in Tennessee;
  • identify and negotiate tensions related to effective literacy preparation;
  • critically examine and revise program design through the implementation of the new EPP literacy standards;
  • develop and implement course work across the state to support teachers’ professional learning and alignment with TN Ready;
  • share quality literacy resources; and
  • foster connections between educator preparation programs and pre-K-12 partners.

Video recordings of previous literacy network meetings are available here: Jan. 24 | March 7 | Oct. 29

Information about future EPP Literacy Network meetings will be communicated to EPP literacy leads and updated on this site.

Early, Elementary, and Special Education Resources

Middle/Secondary ELA, Middle/Secondary Non-ELA, Instructional Leader Resources

General Resources

November 2017 EPP Literacy Convening Videos