District Needs Assessment- The needs assessment specifically names those areas where additional support, resources, or attention would positively benefit students. It requires the identification of areas to strengthen as a result of the pandemic. The needs assessment may also include areas that were already focus areas for the district that have been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic and where additional investment may be warranted or beneficial.

District Health and Safety Plan: The Health and Safety Plan describes how the LEA will ensure continuity of services, including but not limited to services to address students’ academic needs and students’ and staff’s social, emotional, mental health, and other needs, including student health and food services.

District/LEA ESSER Plan- In response to COVID-19, the U.S. Congress passed several pieces of legislation that sent billions in relief funding to states. Tennessee received $4.2 billion for K-12 funding to be spent before 2024. This is the district’s plan for spending, in compliance with federal law.