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Grantees Resources

Welcome! This space is for the recipients of a CCLC or LEAP grant. Each of your programs brings a strength to Afterschool programming, and you can share these strengths with each other. Also, you will find resources for lesson planning that will help you incorporate state academic standards in a way that makes both teaching and learning fun.  Please use the list below to scan the information and make use of anything you find.  Also, email any new ideas and useful sites and links to or Useful links, lessons, and ideas for the Toolkit Tip will be updated on a regular basis. We hope to alternate posting your sites and ideas to showcase your programs.

Tennessee Academic Standards

Use these standards to ensure that your lessons are targeting the state assessed standards. Even “fun” lessons, like the one outlined just below the standards links can be planned with standards embedded.  Some folks refer to this as “disguised learning,” but these fun lessons promote learning just the same.