Computer Science

On July 27, 2018, the State Board of Education approved new Computer Science standards for grades K-8 to be implemented during the 2019-20 school year.

High School Computer Science Options

High School computer science options include both AP courses and CTE options.

CTE computer science courses include:

Computer Science Foundations (C10H11)

Coding I (C10H14)

Coding II (C10H15)

Mobile App Development (C10H22)

Coding Practicum (C10H08)

To access additional CTE Information Technology courses click here.

AP computer science options include both AP Computer Science A (G02H45) and AP Computer Science Principles (G02H44). Both courses can substitute
for 4th year math if the student has reached the mathematics college readiness benchmark of 22 on the ACT.

Educators may apply to be selected to take part in a year-long training cohort in order to become proficient in teaching the AP Computer Science Principles for high school, Computer Science Discoveries for middle school or Computer Science Fundamentals for elementary. For more information click here.