Student Withdrawal from the IEA Program

IEA account holders can withdraw their child from the IEA Program at any time. Account holders who wish to withdraw their student from the IEA Program must submit the Student Withdrawal from the IEA Program form to the department within 15 calendar days of the withdrawal date.

For more information on withdrawing from the IEA Program, see Chapter 12 of the 2023-24 IEA Program Account Holder Handbook.

Account holders should consider the following before withdrawing a student from the IEA Program:

  • There is only one application window each school year for the IEA Program. If a student withdraws from the IEA Program, they will not be able to enroll in the IEA Program until the next school year following all the instructions for applying and enrolling in the IEA Program.
  • Parents/guardians must ensure their student is meeting the compulsory school attendance requirements set by law. Tennessee law requires children ages 6–17 (inclusive) to attend school. 18 year olds are not required to attend school. Certain children ages 6–17 may be temporarily excused from attendance if they meet the exceptions outlined in T.C.A. § 49-6-3005; however, the local board of education "shall be the sole judge in all such cases." The exiting account holder may enroll their child in public school at any time after withdrawing from the IEA Program, keep the student enrolled in the nonpublic school the child is currently attending, or enroll their child in another nonpublic school.
  • If a student withdraws from the IEA Program and returns to a public school, the credits earned at the participating nonpublic school may not be accepted as credit by the public school. Participation in the IEA Program does not guarantee that credits earned at participating schools and/or homeschools will transfer to a public school. The transfer of credit shall be in compliance with state board rule 0520-01-03-.03. Testing may be required in order to receive credit for courses.


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