Important Information to Consider Before Applying for the IEA

The decision to enroll a student in the Individualized Education Account (IEA) Program should not be taken lightly. The information on this page includes some of the information parents and students should consider before applying for the IEA Program. Parents should read the 2023-24 IEA Account Holder Handbook for a comprehensive explanation of all the rights parents/students are waiving and their responsibilities once the student enrolls in the IEA Program.

Before applying to participate in the IEA Program, parents/students should carefully consider the following:

  1. all of their child's educational needs;
  2. the education options available;
  3. the services that their child is currently receiving and the cost of those services; and
  4. the amount of funding their child will receive in the IEA Program and what services that funding would cover.

By placing your child in the IEA Program, parents are agreeing to:

  1. Take full legal responsibility for the education of your child, including obtaining services necessary to educate your child.
  2. Waive your child's rights to services under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). More information on IDEA is available here.

Students in the IEA Program:

  1. Will not receive any services or accommodations through the public school system
  2. Will no longer have an active Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  3. Will not be eligible for the services listed in the IEP through the public school system, including test accommodations

For more information about the program, please read the 2023-24 IEA Account Holder Handbook,  the most comprehensive source of information for parents about the IEA Program, including student eligibility, how to enroll a student in the IEA Program, the rights and responsibilities of account holders, how IEA funds can be used, and much more.

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IEA Team

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