IEA Expense Reports & Receipts

IEA funds may only be used on expenses that have been identified by statute.  The department is authorized to review all expenditures and request further information if needed to make those determinations.

IEA account holders must report all IEA funds spent at the end of each quarter, and include receipts and supporting documentation.  The department must receive and approve the expenditures in those reports before any additional IEA funds will be disbursed.

The deadlines for submitting the expense report are listed on the “Key Dates" page.

Should an IEA account holder fail to submit quarterly reports in line with these deadlines, the department may suspend or close an IEA and discontinue services.  Once an account is closed, any fund balance remaining in the account will be forfeited and returned to the state treasurer to be placed in the state's education funding account, the Basic Education Program (BEP) account.

For detailed instructions on submitting the IEA Expense Report, please refer to the 2023-24 IEA Account Holder Handbook.


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