IEA Information for Public School Districts

Parents/guardians of students participating in the Individualized Education Account (IEA) Program must notify the school district in which the student resides that the student is enrolling in the IEA Program. For the purpose of funding calculations, each eligible student who participates in the IEA Program must be counted in the enrollment figures for the school district in which the student resides and is zoned to attend. The IEA funds will be subtracted from the state funds otherwise payable to the school district. Important reminders for both LEAs and account holders can be found here

In order for a student to enroll in the IEA Program, parents waive all rights of the student to IDEA services, including associated funding. Students enrolled in the IEA Program are categorized as private school or home school students. School districts do not have to provide any IDEA services to students enrolled in the IEA Program and are not accountable for their academic progress.

For more detailed information about the program, please review the IEA Frequently Asked Questions, which will be updated periodically with additional questions and answers.


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