KEI Tools for Teachers

The following resources are available for kindergarten teachers implementing KEI.

2018 DRDP Online Reports Tutorial

  • During the first 30 days of school, teachers will observe students as they engage in instructional activities and classroom routines.
  • Teachers collect evidence of students’ knowledge and skills through observation, documentation, and collection of work samples.
  • Teachers review evidence to determine what students know and are able to do consistently for each domain and measure on the KEI.
  • Between the 31-40 days of school, teachers will record student ratings using the online KEI platform.

Multiple training sessions will be scheduled across the state throughout the summer. Teachers are encouraged to register and attend one of these in-person trainings. For late hires, or teachers who are unable to attend summer training, online modules will be available.

Teachers will learn how to interpret and use the KEI tool. They will also learn observational techniques and strategies to collect data and evidence to determine student ratings. Finally, they will have the opportunity to practice rating sample students using the KEI tool.

Teachers will collect enough evidence (information) to determine what a student knows and is able to do consistently over time and in different settings.

No. The evidence that teachers collect for KEI is information gathered from regular daily instruction and used only to determine student ratings.

The term administer refers to the process when teachers assign student ratings during the two week rating window that occurs between the 31-40 days of school. Teachers use the information they have collected in the first six weeks of school to determine where students are along the developmental continuum for each domain of the KEI and will rate students during the administration window.

The department will work with districts to identify the KEI administration window, taking into consideration staggered days at the beginning of the year.

Yes. A teacher can collect data to inform his/her student ratings at any time during the day.

Yes. The expectation is that all schools within a district will participate in the KEI.

No. The KEI is not currently approved to be used as a 15% achievement measure.

A teacher may use the KEI tool to record ratings for students who enroll after the administration window. However, these ratings will not be reflected in the official fall data.

Yes. These documents will be posted to our webpage shortly.

Districts can match KEI data with prior pre-K enrollment information.