The Five Domains of School Readiness

The KEI measures five domains of student readiness. Each domain is focused on students' acquisition of knowledge, skills, or behaviors that reflect each domain’s developmental constructs. Because there are multiple measures for each domain, the KEI provides a robust overview of the child’s overall learning and developmental profile.

Approaches to Learning–Self-Regulation

The Approaches to Learning–Self-Regulation (ATL-REG) domain assesses two interrelated areas that are recognized as important for children’s school readiness and success. Approaches to learning and self-regulation have been combined into one assessment domain because of the strong connections between these two areas. The approaches to learning skills and behaviors include engagement and persistence and curiosity and initiative. The self-regulation skills include self-control of feelings and behavior and shared use of space and materials.

Social and Personal Competency

The Social and Personal Competency (SPC) domain assesses children’s developing abilities to understand and interact with others and to form positive relationships with nurturing adults and their peers. The knowledge or skill areas in this domain include identity of self in relation to others, social and personal understanding, relationships and social interactions with familiar adults, relationships and social interactions with peers, and symbolic and sociodramatic play.

Language and Literacy Development

The Language and Literacy Development (LLD) domain assesses the progress of all children in developing foundational language and literacy skills. These skills can be demonstrated in any language and in any mode of communication. Language and literacy skills in a child’s first language form the foundation for learning English. Therefore, dual language learners may demonstrate knowledge and skills in their home language, in English, or in both languages. LLD measures should be completed for all kindergarteners, including those who are dual language learners.

Cognition: Math

The Cognition: Math (COG: MATH) domain focuses on observation, exploration, and investigation of objects and concepts. The COG: MATH domain includes the following knowledge or skill areas: classification, number sense of quantity, number sense of math operations, measurement, patterning, and shapes.

Physical Development

The Physical Development (PD) domain assesses motor development. The PD domain includes the following knowledge or skill areas: perceptual-motor skills and movement concepts, gross locomotor movement skills, gross motor manipulative skills, and fine motor manipulative skills.