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Information for Parents

TEIS helps families with children with disabilities or developmental delays connect to the supports and services they need. Learn more from the following brochures:

Make a Referral to TEIS

You may make a referral to TEIS by:

Please provide the following information:

  • your name and contact information,
  • the child’s name, date of birth, county the child lives in,
  • parent information (if someone other than the parent calls), and
  • the reason for referral or developmental concern.
TEIS Questions & Answers
Tennessee Early Intervention System: Early Childhood Outcomes
Growing Together...Little by Little
Rights of Infants & Toddlers
Developmental Therapy


Information from the child’s doctor as well as the results of a developmental evaluation will determine if a child meets the eligibility criteria in Tennessee. Read more about eligibility requirements.

How Much Does TEIS Cost?

Tennessee has a system of payment process in place to ensure that supports and services are provided in a way that will not create a financial hardship for families. Read more about the TEIS system of payment.

More Program Information