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TEIS Eligibility

Every state has a Part C program for children birth through two years of age and their families, under the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Each state decides its own eligibility rules.

In Tennessee, a child with a diagnosis from the list below or children whose test results show that they have a 25% delay in two developmental areas or a 40% delay in one area may be eligible for TEIS.  A child may have a developmental delay, if he or she is far behind other children their age in one or more of the five major skill areas:

  1. motor (crawling, walking, using their hands to play)
  2. communication (babbling, indicating wants and needs, talking)
  3. cognitive (thinking skills including making choices and solving problems)
  4. social (playing near or with other children or adults)   
  5. adaptive (taking care of ones needs)

Diagnosis List 9/14/18

Information from the child’s doctor as well as the results of a developmental test will determine if a child meets the eligibility criteria in Tennessee.

Make a Referral to TEIS

You may make a referral to TEIS by:

Please provide the following information:

  • your name and contact information,
  • the child’s name, date of birth, county the child lives in,
  • parent information (if someone other than the parent calls), and
  • the reason for referral or developmental concern.