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2016 TCAP District Results

The districts below were the highest performing in either HS English or HS Math in 2015-16. Districts in bold font were those who were top achievers in both subjects. Please note that all districts listed below met the 95 percent participation rate threshold.

  • Alcoa City
  • Collierville City
  • Germantown City
  • Gibson County SSD
  • Henry County
  • Kingsport City
  • Maryville City
  • Moore County
  • Oak Ridge City
  • Weakley County
  • Bradford SSD
  • Greeneville City
  • Lenoir City
  • Overton County
  • Richard City
  • Trousdale County

Meaning of Asterisks in Data

* Data suppressed due to fewer than ten valid tests

**Data suppressed due to individual performance level percentages greater than 99% or less than 1% at the district level

About the Data

In the tables below are the percentages of students who scored in each proficiency level in 2015-16.

The percent of students scoring “On Track” or “Mastered” is calculated by adding the counts of students scoring either “On Track” or “Mastered” in a given subject and dividing that sum by the total number of valid tests in that subject, rounded to the tenths place. Because this rounding occurs at the end of the calculation, there may be instances in which the percentage of students scoring “On Track” and the percentage of students scoring “Mastered” do not precisely equal the percentage of students scoring “On Track” or “Mastered” when added together.

To sort school systems alphabetically, click on the heading “System.” To sort student proficiency percentages from least to greatest, click on the heading of the column you would like to sort. Click on the heading a second time to sort from greatest to least.

2016 Achievement Data

High School