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2016 TCAP Results at a Glance

State-level Highlights

  • TNReady scores fell into one of four new achievement levels, which were created through public feedback: mastered (level 4), on-track (level 3), approaching (level 2), and below (level 1). These performance levels replaced the old terminology: advanced (level 4), proficient (level 3), basic (level 2), and below basic (level 1).
  • 228,287 high school students took at least one of the End-of-Course exams. Please note: In 2015-16, testing was suspended for students in grades 3–8; therefore, there are no results for students in these grades.
  • On the English assessments (English I, II, and III), 8.3 percent of students are considered mastered, 22 percent are on track, 42.4 percent are approaching, and 27.3 percent are below course expectations.
  • In high school math—which includes the traditional algebra I, algebra II, and geometry courses and the new integrated math series—3.7 percent of students are considered mastered, 17.1 percent are on track, 26.2 percent are approaching, and 53 percent are below expectations.
  • On the U.S. history End-of-Course test, 9.5 percent of students are considered mastered, 20.4 percent are on track, 34.6 percent are approaching, and 35.5 percent are below expectations.
  • In science, the exams in biology and chemistry were similar to state assessments in previous years because the new science standards and assessments have not been implemented. On the science assessments, which use the old achievement levels, overall 15.8 percent of students are advanced, 33 percent of students are proficient, 26.8 percent of students score as basic, and 24.4 percent of students are below basic.