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The department wants parents and families, elected officials, education stakeholders, and community members to have easy-to-understand information about Tennessee schools and districts. Over the course of each year of a report card’s release, parents, educators, and community organizations provide feedback that help the department develop a continually improving State Report Card with a dashboard of key information about every school and district in the state. 

In addition to the helpful visuals displayed on the State Report Card, the department also provides additional data elements in downloadable formats on our public-facing Data Downloads page. Any information not presented on the State Report Card can usually be found and downloaded from this page.


2021 State Report Card Update

In March 2020, the U.S. Department of Education waived federal assessment and accountability requirements as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures. In January 2021, the Tennessee General Assembly passed legislation to ensure a strong statewide administration of Tennessee Comprehensive Achievement Program (TCAP) assessments in spring 2021 to both generate reliable data on how Tennessee students were performing and inform strategies to help support academic success during the pandemic.  

Because all Tennessee school districts met the requirement in Public Chapter 2 to achieve an 80% rate of student participation in TCAP this spring, some assessment data is neither publicly available this year nor included in accountability calculations such as letter grades or other summative ratings. Other information about schools and districts will still be made available this year on the Report Card as well as the department’s data downloads webpage.

On this year’s State Report Card, the department has chosen to highlight assessment participation rates and assign districts and schools the letter “H” to signify that they were held harmless. 

 For additional information on what will be included this year, refer to our 2021 State Report Card Overview one-pager.

Additional information about the new State Report Card is available in the Resources box. The department will continue to improve this resource in future years based on input from families and users. Provide feedback on the Report Card here.

For additional information on what will be included this year, refer to our 2021 State Report Card Overview one-pager.