Hospitality & Tourism

The Hospitality and Tourism career cluster prepares learners for postsecondary credentials and careers in the management and operations of lodging, food services, attractions, recreation and event planning, and other travel-related services. This career cluster includes two programs of study: Culinary Arts and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

State Officials say that campaigns to promote tourism in the state of Tennessee have generated more than $73 million in new state and local tax revenue. In 2016, the Department of Tourism Development report stated that the “Made in Tennessee” campaign generated eighteen times the amount of money spent. The national average on the return of investment is half that. Tennessee now ranks among the top 10 states in tourism.[1] Tennessee continues to grow in hospitality and tourism and there are more job openings than training completers.

Beginning salaries depend on the employee’s skills, education, and job level at a hotel, restaurant, tourism office, recreation facility, amusement park, or attraction site. Salaries range from entry level wages to six figures. This industry is known for promoting from within, for its large number of young managers, and the ability to travel and move nationally and internationally.

Programs of Study

  • Work-Based Learning: Career Practicum (6105) may substitute for the Level 4 offering in all programs of study.