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Online Testing

It is our responsibility to ensure Tennessee students are prepared to meet the demands of postsecondary and the workforce, and online readiness is a part of that effort. We are committed to phasing in online testing in our state because online is the future for our students. We have worked very closely with our vendor, Questar, to create an online product that is right for Tennessee. We are proud of the progress that has been made and feel confident in the strength of the Nextera platform.

We will continue to look at proof points along the way to be sure we are setting up districts and schools for success using the online platform. Given our progress to date, below is what we are planning with regard to online testing.

As you’ll see in the chart, all high schools will move to online testing in the 2017-18 school year, including the fall 2017 administration for schools on block schedule.

School Year Operational Testing Field Testing
  • Online testing is required for high schools.
  • Online testing is optional for grades 5–8.
  • Field testing for grades 5–12 in all subjects will be administered online only.
  • Field testing for grades 3 and 4 will be administered via paper and pencil only.
2018–19 and beyond
  • Online testing is required for high schools.
  • Paper-based testing will occur for grades 6-8 Social Studies, Grades 3-8 Math and ELA
  • Field testing for grades 5-8 Science will be online
  • Field testing for grades 3-4 science will be paper-based

NOTE: Field tests do not count toward student grades or teacher evaluation. Field tests provide the Tennessee Department of Education with information to develop an assessment for the following school year.