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Assessment Committees

Educator Leadership Opportunity: TCAP Assessment Committees

Assessment Committee Application for Spring, Summer and Fall 2020

Assessment committees are essential to developing and implementing Tennessee’s statewide summative assessment program. Tennessee has one of the longest-running summative assessment programs in the country and unlike most states, develops and owns all our own test questions. Your active involvement, along with thousands of Tennessee educators, ensures the assessment process is informed by content experts who know our students; what they can do now and what they can accomplish in the future.

There are several committees gathering in 2020. You may apply for one, many or all of them. Join us in empowering educators and learners with valuable feedback through summative assessments designed in alignment with classroom teaching. Now is your chance to share your voice!

HEALTH & SAFETY UPDATE : The department is working closely with vendors and health department officials monitoring the Coronavirus. We have started preparing for potential virtual meetings in the event that public gatherings and travel will be restricted. Educators will not be required to travel against current local, state and federal guidance. Interested Tennessee educators should still apply for any and all committees,  knowing that we are preparing to navigate these challenging circumstances. Applicants who are invited to participate in a committee will be notified of any changes in meeting plans via email. Please reach out to with any questions.

You may access the assessment committee application here.

Changes to Committees

Educators having access to high-quality assessment items, including those for diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, will be even more important when students return to school after an interruption in instruction. However, because there were no field tests this year and no student data, the department is putting all summative assessment committees on hold through this summer.

Standard setting will not be completed this summer because it relies on a full spring administration. This cancelation allows us to postpone the performance level development (PLD) committees originally scheduled to convene the first week of April. New dates will be communicated with participants.

Educators who applied for standard setting committees will not need to re-apply in the future, as their information will be kept on file. The department will reach out to interested educators and conduct another round of recruitment, in advance of the standard setting expected to occur after a full administration of our science and social studies assessments next school year.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines

The deadline to submit an application has been extended to Tuesday, March 31 at 11:59 p.m. CT. A red asterisk (*) indicates the question requires an answer to progress and submit a complete application.

All applicants for the spring 2020 Performance Level Descriptors Committee will be notified of their status no later than Wednesday, March 25. All applicants for the remaining summer and fall 2020 committees will be notified of their status no later than Wednesday, April 22.


Panelists will receive a substitute reimbursement if a committee meets on a school day or a stipend if a committee meets when school is not in session. All panelists also receive mileage reimbursement for participation. The department will provide hotel accommodations for panelists traveling more than 50 miles to the meeting.

Committee Dates and Locations

All dates and locations for committees are subject to change as needed following committee selection. All committees are scheduled to meet in Nashville, Tennessee. More detailed information will be provided with invitations to participate. To view committee dates by grade level, please click on content areas to download summaries: Science, Social Studies, Math and ELA. Within this application, you will have the opportunity to apply to be a panelist on the following committees:

o   Spring 2020 Committees

            Performance Level Descriptors – panelists craft performance level descriptors for each standard for all assessed grade levels. Performance level descriptors explain the observable evidence of student achievement, indicating the manner in which a skill becomes more sophisticated across established performance levels. 

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: April 6 – April 9, Two to four days (dependent on role assigned)

Content Areas: Science, Science ALT, Biology, Biology ALT, Social Studies, U.S. History

o   Summer 2020 Committees

            Alignment Studies – panelists evaluate the alignment quality of assessments, making judgements on items’ content and rigor in relation to the Tennessee Academic Standards and established design specifications.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: May 12 - May 14,  Two to three days (dependent on content area)

Content Areas: English Language Arts, English II, Math, Algebra II, Geometry, Integrated Math I – III, Science, Science ALT, Biology, Biology ALT

            Standard Setting – panelists review a given assessment and make a recommendation to the State Board of Education to set scores on the test that represent the established levels of performance prior to the reporting of student scores for the first time.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: June 22 - June 26, Two to five days (dependent on role assigned)

Content Areas: Science, Biology, Science ALT, Biology ALT, Social Studies, U.S. History            

            Item Review – panelists give valuable feedback on newly developed items before they are embedded into test forms as field test items.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: June 22 – July 24

Days: One to Four (dependent on content area)

Content Areas: English Language Arts, English I-II, Math, Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Integrated Math I-III, Science, Science ALT, Biology Social Studies, Social Studies ALT, U.S. History

            Bias Review – panelists identify material in items that creates bias, sensitivity, or accessibility concerns that may negatively impact a student’s ability to produce a response that accurately reflects the student’s knowledge or skills. 

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: June 22 – July 24. one to four days (dependent on content area)

Content Areas: English Language Arts, English I-II, Math, Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Integrated Math I-III, Science, Science ALT, Biology Social Studies, Social Studies ALT, U.S. History

o   Fall 2020 Committees

         Range Finding – panelists determine how the Tennessee writing rubrics should be applied so that hand scorers have clear guidance on how to score student responses for the operational assessment.  

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: October or November, one to four days (dependent on grade level)

Content Areas: English Language Arts

           Passage Review – panelists select a variety of passages for the Tennessee ELA TCAP assessments that are grade level appropriate, engaging for students, and can support a robust item development.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: November or October, One to four days (dependent on grade level)

Content Areas: English Language Arts

- Note -

The following committee schedules currently conflict:

·       All content areas for the Item Review Committee meet at the same time as the Bias Review Committee.

·       Standard setting for U.S. History and Biology also conflict with U.S. History and Biology for the Item Review Committee and Bias Review Committee.

While you are strongly encouraged to apply for all committees relevant to your area of expertise, where events run concurrently you will only be invited to participate in one. 

Thank you!

We know you are extremely busy as an educator and we thank you for taking the time out of your day to complete this application and for your willingness to dedicate your time to improving our assessment program. Our assessment program is built on the knowledge and expertise of our Tennessee educators. Thank you for sharing your voice as we build innovative assessments together!