Summer 2015 Leadership Course

Summer 2015 Leadership Course Participant Resources

A copy of the pre-reading article on shared leadership is available here.

Summer Manuals:  Elementary and Secondary

For a copy of the Shared Leadership Planning Document that will be used during the Summer Leadership Day, please click on the appropriate grade band:  Elementary or Secondary.  

PLC or Resources Content Area PLC Guide  Supporting Resources   PowerPoint  Videos
Superintendent's Overview Planning Tool   Planning Tool    
Early Grades Writing PLC Guide 3rd Grade Task
Start-Stop-Keep Protocol
Early Grades Slides  
Early Grades Vocabulary Instruction PLC Guide
Early Grades Scarborough's Reading Rope PLC Guide  Scarborough's Reading Rope    
ELA Research to Practice (elementary)
ELA Research to Practice (secondary)
PLC Guide

PLC Guide
ELA Anchor Chart
Research to Practice Graphic Organizer
Reading Next
Writing Next
Writing to Read
Appendix A
Elementary Literacy Slides  
 ELA Guide to Text Complexity PLC Guide Introduction to Informational Textual Analysis
Quality Analysis Rubric
Text Complexity Slides  
Math Tasks PLC Guide   Math Tasks Slides
Elementary Math Slides
Math Mindset at Your School PLC Guide   Math Mindset Slides I Don't Do Math
Math High Impact Teaching Practices PLC Guide NCTM Math Teaching Practices
Frayer Model (NCTM Math Teaching Practices)
Principles into Action Executive Summary
Social Studies Primary Source Writing PLC Guide 7th Grade Prompt
US History Prompt
Creating Primary Source Discussion Questions
TNReady Accessibility and Accommodations PLC Guide TNReady Accessibility Guidance Manual
TNReady Accessibility Website
Accessibility Slides Accessibility Suite of Videos
 TVAAS and Teacher Evaluation Updates   Tennessee Teaching Evaluation Enhancement Act TVAAS Slides TVAAS and Evaluation
Accountability Update
MICA Item Sampler and Practice Tools   MICA Website
TNReady Practice Tools
MICA Slides  
 Other Leader Instructional Resources   Accountable Talk Chart
Accountable Talk Moves
Math Practices List
Math Task Analysis Guide (TAG)
Strategies for Modifying Textbook Tasks
Structure and Routines of a Lesson