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Thank you for engaging in the process to connect all of your peers and neighbors to reliable, affordable, high-speed internet! As you may already know, Tennessee will receive just over $813M to build broadband infrastructure to every household and business who does not yet have access. Having an internet connection is critical to workforce development, education advancement, economic growth, and growing and maintaining relationships, among other things, and the Tennessee State Broadband Office is honored to lead and administer this project.

When you review this proposal, you will see our first draft of Initial Proposal, Volume Two.  For Tennessee to receive our $813M allocation, the State Broadband Office is required to write and submit an Initial Proposal to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The Initial Proposal outlines important technical information about how our office will use the funding we receive to ensure all Tennesseans have an internet connection when this project is complete. Volume 1 of the Initial Proposal was posted for public comment in September 2023. 

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put together location-based maps that determined how much funding Tennessee would receive to finish our broadband build out ($813M). The State Broadband Office is now in the process of creating a grant program where internet service providers can apply to receive funding to bring service to those citizens and businesses who still lack internet access.

Volume One of the Initial Proposal primarily focuses on how we will run the ‘State Challenge Process.’ During the State Challenge Process, local Tennessee internet service providers, governments, and nonprofits will review the FCC maps for correctness and use the process outlined in this document to file ‘challenges’ to address data that they believe is incorrect. Ultimately, the information that is submitted will be verified by the State Broadband Office and will be used to create an eligibility map that internet service providers to assist in their grant application process.

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