Below, TNECD has collected helpful resources for communities and citizens that will be impacted by the Blue Oval City development. For more information on how this development will impact you, head over to the Blue Oval City events page to attend a community impact meeting.

Workforce  Contacts 

Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology 

Carol Puryear -

Tennessee Higher Education Commission 

Brandon Hudson -

Department of Labor - Ford Project Lead

Kristie Bennet -

Department of Education

Jean Luna -

Department of Human Services

Suzanne Carr -

Department of Correction

April Buckner -

Grant Oppurtunity Contacts 

Tennessee Department of Enviornment & Conservation 

State Revolving Fund

U.S. Economic Development Administration

Lucas Blankenship -

Site Devlopment Grants 

Kirby Lewis -

Department of Human Services Childcare Grants 

Suzanne Carr -

Community Development Block Grants 

Kent Archer -

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Support -