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CDBG Handbook

Introduction Chapter

Environmental Chapter
ER Chapter A-1 | ER Chapter A-2 | ER Chapter A-3 | ER Chapter A-4
ER Chapter A-5 | ER Chapter A-6 | ER Chapter A-7 | ER Chapter A-9
ER Chapter A-10 | ER Chapter A-11 | ER Chapter A-12 | ER Chapter A-13
ER Chapter A-14 | ER Chapter A-16 | ER Chapter A-17 | ER Chapter A-18 | ER Chapter A-20
ER Chapter A-21 | ER Chapter A-22 | ER Chapter A-26
ER Chapter A-27 | ER Chapter A-28 | ER Chapter A-29 | ER Chapter A-30
List of Exhibits | How to Find Your Firm


Labor Chapter
Labor Chapter - General Conditions | Labor Chapter - General Conditions (Word version)
Labor Chapter - Exhibits | Labor Chapter - Contracts Document Guide
Labor Chapter E-1 | Labor Chapter E-2 | Labor Chapter E-3
Labor Chapter E-6 | Labor Chapter E-7 | Labor Chapter E-8
Labor Chapter E-9 | Labor Chapter E-10 | Labor Chapter E-14
Labor Chapter E-15 | Labor Chapter E-17 | Labor Chapter E-18
Employee Interview Form | Employee Interview Instructions
Davis Bacon Poster | Equal Opportunity Poster | Equal Opportunity Spanish Poster |
OSHA Poster | OSHA Spanish Poster |

Finance Chapter
Finance Chapter B-1 | Finance Chapter B-2 | Finance Chapter B-3
Finance Chapter B-5 | Finance Chapter B-7 | Finance Chapter B-8
Finance Chapter B-9 | Finance Chapter B-10

Acquisition Chapter
Acquisition Chapter D-1 | Acquisition Chapter D-2 | Acquisition Chapter D-3
Acquisition Chapter D-4 Acquisition Chapter D-5 | Acquisition Chapter D-6
Acquisition Chapter D-7 | Acquisition Chapter D-8 | Acquisition Chapter D-9
Acquisition Chapter D-10 | Acquisition Chapter D-11 | Acquisition Chapter D-12
Acquisition Chapter D-13 | Acquisition Chapter D_14
When a public agency acquires your property

Equal Opportunity/Fair Housing Chapter

Relocation Chapter

Housing Chapter

Close-Out Chapter
Close-Out Chapter H-1 | Close-Out Chapter H-2 | Close-Out Chapter H-3
Close-Out Chapter H-4 | Close-Out Chapter H-5 | Close-Out Chapter H-6
Close-Out Chapter H-7 | Close-Out Chapter H-8 | Close-Out Chapter H-9
Close-Out Chapter H-10 | Close-Out Chapter Equipment Template
Close-Out Chapter Infrastructure and Public Facilities Template | Close-Out Chapter Housing Template

Equipment Chapter