Medicaid Redetermination

About Redetermination

Starting in April 2023, Medicaid eligibility redeterminations, also known as annual renewals, resume on an annual basis for persons in the DIDD waivers.  These have been paused since March 2020 due to the COVID public health emergency.  

  • TennCare and DIDD will first attempt to auto-renew every person’s health care coverage during their renewal month using existing and allowable data sources, like SNAP eligibility and IRS information. If TennCare can verify that a person still qualifies, the individual will receive a notice that their coverage was renewed.
  • If TennCare cannot auto-renew coverage using existing data sources, the person will receive a pre-populated renewal packet by mail or a notification by email, depending on their selected preference.
  • For 1915 (c) waiver participants, ISCs will be responsible for working with the person and/or the authorized representative to complete the packets on an annual basis and submit them for approval. 
  • Annual renewals are generally not required for people who receive standalone supplemental security income (SSI)
  • Persons and families will still receive a packet to complete, and will receive communication from TennCare including text messages where possible urging them to complete the information.

It’s important to stress that given the large number of reviews to be completed, it will take a team effort on the part of DIDD, ISCs, providers and the people we support to ensure continuation of services.  As DIDD’s waivers are closed to new enrollment, failure to complete the redetermination packet will result in disenrollment after a period of time.  Those who are disenrolled will not be able to re-enter the DIDD waivers.

DIDD Redetermination Resources

DIDD Redetermination Presentation 3/15/2023

TennCare Redetermination Resources

TennCare has several resources to assist those who want to learn more about the process.  Preparing for Renewals (

Renewal flyer for members. An 8.5X11-inch flyer or poster to display. (Spanish Flyer) (Arabic Flyer)

A guide to finding your patients renewal date.

A guide for members to find their renewal month.  (Spanish Guide) (Arabic Guide)

Click to Download 1920 X 1080 Waiting Room Screens. (Spanish Screens) (Arabic Screens)

Prescription label or dental gift bag notice

TennCare Renewals- Communications Toolkit (Spanish Toolkit

View a photo of the renewal envelope

TennCare Renewal FAQs

Videos: TennCare Connect Online Renewal Tips | TennCare Paper Renewal Packet Tips

Need Assistance?

Each region has staff identified to work with ISCs and service providers where necessary to assist and monitor the submissions. If you have questions, please contact the following:

East Regional Office:
(Provider Contact): 
Kimberly Baker, Provider Support Team Coordinator 

(ISC Contact):
Lorene Kieffer, Provider Enrichment Coordinator/ISC Liaison 

Middle Regional Office:
Karen Johnson 

West Regional Office:
Linda Hall

Central Office:
Kathleen Chapman

Timothy Hickman