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Law Enforcement Training

As a part of the Exit Plan in the People First of Tennessee, et al., v. Clover Bottom Developmental Center, et al. lawsuit, DIDD developed informational materials for law enforcement officers.  The materials are designed as an introduction to intellectual and developmental disabilities and the role of the Protection From Harm Investigations Unit.

Topics covered include: prevalence of intellectual disabilities, recognizing a disability, positional and aspirational asphyxiation, as well as specific strategies for law enforcement officers to use when encountering people with intellectual disabilities who might not respond like a typical person would.  Another section of the materials details how DIDD investigators conduct investigations and interact with law enforcement.  The informational material is the basis for presentations to officers, supervisors, and investigators at gatherings across the state.

You can watch the presentation on the department's YouTube channel at this link.

You can download and read a PDF version of the informational materials at this link.


Law Enforcement Training