Protection from Harm

Assuring the protection and safety of persons supported is a primary mission of DIDD and all DIDD providers. Protection from Harm is more than developing and implementing policies, plans and responses to incidents that have already occurred. Protection from Harm is a moral and legal commitment to support, respect and value the dignity and worth of a person who has developmental disabilities. It is an opportunity for all of us who have responsibility as partners in the service delivery system to strive toward achieving the goal of knowing that the people we support and serve feel safe enough to be able to enjoy their lives.

DIDD and provider agencies exist solely for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of persons supported. Leadership at all levels of the system must foster an internal culture that supports individual respect. Respect for others is the first step in ensuring their safety and well-being. A combination of fostering respect for persons supported, planning to ensure safety and protection and responding to incidents appropriately, including careful analysis of the incidents that do occur, will go far in achieving the mission of protection from harm.

Forms and other Information

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