Clinical Consultation Network FAQ

The Clinical Consultation Network is a group of people who gather each week to discuss individuals with complex health needs.  The goals of the group are as follows:

  1. Increase health knowledge of the Tennessee provider community.
  2. Enhance problem-solving skills for providers serving people with complex needs. 
  3. Provide a resource for suggestions and assistance for responding to health situations.
  4. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration among those carrying out different roles in IDD systems.
  5. Identify barriers and solutions to enhance the IDD system.

What is the benefit of participating in the Clinical Consultation Network (CCN)?
The most important thing that participants gain from participating in the CCN is information that helps them become part of the solution for problems experienced by persons with IDD.  Direct Support Professionals, Program Managers, and Administrators who participate more clearly understand their role in promoting optimal physical and behavioral health.  Clinicians can see how their discipline merges with other disciplines to create a more accurate, multi-modal understanding of various clinical concerns.  Regular, ongoing clinical education of this type is a hallmark characteristic of systems that produce positive outcomes for persons with IDD and co-occurring physical or mental health needs. 


Who is the audience for the Clinical Consultation Network (CCN)? 
Regardless of your role in IDD services you should be a part of the Clinical Consultation Network.  That includes persons supported, family members, conservators, advocates, administrators, program specialists, residential and day providers, employment service providers, behavior analysts, counselors, nutritionists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological examiners, social workers, and speech and language clinicians.


Why does the CCN feature cases involving different clinical disciplines? 
An integrated and interdisciplinary health system is required to provide optimal health services.  By now, we are all aware that physical and behavioral health are not distinct.  While every discipline has its distinct role, the synergy of understanding the person holistically remains critical.  Persons supported and others who serve a more general role also need a greater understanding of how clinical disciplines operate and the strengths and limitations of various clinical approaches. 


What is the format for the CCN broadcasts? 
Dr. Bruce Davis, DIDD Deputy Commissioner of Clinical Services, hosts the CCN and members of the DIDD Clinical Services Division staff serve as co-hosts.  Each week a different case for consultation is presented by a guest provider.  Cases alternate between those primarily featuring behavioral health needs, physical health needs, therapeutic support needs, and systemic needs.  Broadcasts are opened with a brief introduction by Dr. Davis, and an introduction of the guest.  The guest then presents the case with questions and clarifications by Dr. Davis, the co-host, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the participants. 


Who can present cases for the CCN? 
Case presentations may be done by anyone who works with individuals with IDD.  Generally, case presentations should involve information that is already part of a clinician’s case formulation.  The following format is used for presentations:

 a. A pseudonym to identify the person
 b. Age
 c. Strengths and Interests
 d. Physical/mental health diagnoses
 e. Current concerns
 f. Assessment
 g. Treatment provided
 h. Outcomes
 i. Next steps

What information is required for case presentations? 
Cases do not require significant preparation.  Presenters may be able to present directly from the outline above while others may prefer to jot a few “memory-joggers” down.  A visual presentation is not required but can be accommodated if the presenter wishes. 


What kinds of cases have you reviewed in the CCN? 
Cases have involved a wide array of clinical diagnoses and challenges.  The CCN has addressed trauma-related concerns, autism spectrum disorders, genetic syndromes, sleep problems, and physical health conditions, crisis intervention problems, and many others. 


When and where can I become part of the Clinical Consultation Network? 
The CCN is aired every Tuesday at 12:30 PM Central time via Webex. 

Login/Call-in information is provided below:
+1-415-655-0001 (US Toll)
172 521 9451 #