Brian A. Settlement Agreement

Brian A. Background

The Brian A. lawsuit was filed by Children’s Rights, Inc. in 2000 and settled in 2001.  Since that time, the Department of Children's Services has worked to fulfill its obligations under the Settlement Agreement. DCS has made substantial progress in its reform efforts and has satisfied about three-fourths of the provisions required to successfully exit the lawsuit. 

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Brian A. Settlement Agreement 

The Brian A. Settlement Agreement lays out all requirements that must be satisfied for DCS to successfully exit the lawsuit. 

Provisions relate to a range of activities, from training of caseworkers to maximizing federal revenue.  

Read the full Settlement Agreement.

Brian A. Monitor

"The Office of the Court Monitor under the Brian A. v. Haslam Settlement is responsible for assessing the Department of Children's Services' progress in implementing its Path to Excellence improvement plan and meeting the requirements and outcomes of the Brian A. Settlement Agreement. The Monitor will periodically issue public reports on the Department’s progress to the U.S. District Court and the parties to the Settlement Agreement. In carrying out its responsibilities, the Monitor's Office is available to receive complaints, referrals, comments, and concerns from children, family members, foster and adoptive parents, advocates, DCS and private agency staff, and members of the public. In general, the Monitor's Office does not intervene in specific cases; however, the Monitor's Office investigates any complaints and referrals it receives and may use the information that it gains as a result of an investigation as part of its monitoring and reporting functions."

Brian A. Monitor
UBS Tower, 12th Floor
315 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 532-5034

Reports of  the Technical Assistance Committee

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