The Office of Child Welfare Licensing strives to protect the interests, health and safety of Tennessee's children and families by providing information, advice and support; and by establishing and applying effective standards in the regulation of Tennessee’s child welfare agencies.

Our office licenses and regulates all programs operating in the State of Tennessee that fall into any of the following categories:

  • Child Abuse Prevention and Educational Programs (including Child Advocacy Centers)
  • All international and domestic adoption-related services provided within Tennessee or by agencies working with Tennessee children and families
  • Juvenile detention Centers and Temporary Secure Holding Resources
  • All non-clinical residential programs for children and youth, including private foster care programs, runaway houses and maternity homes. 

Our licensing consultants:

  • Conduct unannounced inspections and follow-up inspections of  all licensed facilities
  • Develop the supporting documents needed to issue licenses
  • Conduct investigations of reports of abuse and deficiency in operation of licensed facilities
  • Maintain current files and appropriate records for all facilities and services licensed by the department
  • Provide consultation and technical assistance as needed to licensed and proposed programs

Reporting suspected violations

To report suspected violations of licensure rules or to submit formal or general complaints about any licensed service or facility, call (615) 532-5640