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Find COVID-19 Information and Resources
Click Here for DCS Guidance on COVID-19

    Foster Parent Training


    2020 Foster Parent Conference

    This year's conference will be a virftual event and take place on September 11 and 12. Click here to learn more.

    If you encounter an issue connecting to your workshop, first be sure that you are choosing the correct workshop and time. If you still have issues, you may contact tech support at 865-227-2025. Please see WebEx instruction documents attached to this email. If you will be using a mobile device to connect to the training, please download the WebEx app.

    Vanderbilt COE:  Roots of Resiliency Series

    Resiliency and Adaptation: Thriving in the New Normal

    As we try navigating towards reintegration and learning how to live in the context of Covid 19, our ability to tolerate stressors and difficult events will continue to be tested. Managing adversity and uncertain times can feel exhausting and depleting, but it can also strengthen our resilience and ability to adapt. Understanding the concept of resilience and ways to foster it in our daily lives can help us to navigate through adversity, learn from our experiences and develop skills that set us up to weather and even grow from these challenges. Join us in our last week of the Roots in Resiliency Series as Tarah Kuhn, Ph.D. and Jon Ebert, Psy.D., psychologists from the Vanderbilt Center of Excellence, explore ways we can promote resiliency and adaptation as we navigate a new normal.


    Harmony at Home

    In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, our partner Harmony Family Center has created a resources page to support families and children during this time.  Visit this page for activities, support, and additional information.



    Do you have an Edison account but have not received your onetime password for first time login? Has your password expired and you are unable to reset it from the Edison login screen? Now you can request a password reset by submitting the Edison Password Reset Request form.



    The Office of Training and Professional Development offers learning opportunities to assist current adoptive, foster, and kinship parents in support their efforts to provide a safe, nurturing, loving environment for the children in their care.

    We also provide pre-approval training for prospective foster parents, in partnership with Harmony Family Center and New Vision, Inc.

    Do you want to be a Foster Parent?

    If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please visit Tennessee Fosters for more details. Potential foster parents are required to complete pre-approval training. Learn more about training requirements and view upcoming training groups.

    Current Foster Parents

    If you are already a DCS Foster Parent, please see below for information and helpful training links just for you. 

    Edison E-Learning Management System

    The Office of Training and Professional Development is excited to announce that foster parents will soon be able to track their training records in real time using Edison, the state's electronic learning management system. FPS Workers are currently working with families to ensure their information has been submitted for account creation in Edison. Statewide rollout for DCS foster parents is expected to be complete by July 2019.