Child Welfare Supervisor Certification

DCS leaders serve in a pivotal role ensuring the guidance and support of staff that strengthen safety, permanency and well-being for children and their families.  The Child Welfare Supervisor Certification Program will prepare new supervisors with the skills, knowledge and abilities to guide staff and serve families.

All new supervisors hired January 1, 2017 and after will have 6 months from date of hire/promotion to complete the Child Welfare Certification Program, which consists of coursework and a New Supervisor Presentation Panel.

*Upon completion of all coursework, Level 1 of the DOHR Learning Pyramid will also be completed.

All New Supervisors who are new to the program in which they are supervising will need to complete Specialty Weeks of Pre-Service.

During the first 3 months:
Course Code Course Title Venue
CHCB1500 Intro to the Child Welfare Supervision Program ONLINE
CHCB0024 Time and Labor (if not already completed) ONLINE
HRNPP1000 Navigating Practicies and Policies for Supervisors (DOHR) ONLINE
CFW1000 GREAT Customer Service (DOHR) Classroom
AWSS2000 AWS for Supervisors (DOHR) ONLINE
RWMG1000 Respectful Workplace for Managers  (DOHR) Classroom
SHTG1000 Sexual Harassment (DOHR) ONLINE
STW100 SMART Performance Management (DOHR) Classroom
CHDE2055 Supervising for Quality Contacts Live Webinar
Individual Learning Plan Observation and Coaching with Supervisor: Observation of New Supervisor conducting Employee Performance Briefing Coaching
During months 4-6:
Course Code Course Title Venue
PAOB1000 Proactive Onboarding (DOHR) ONLINE
PM20SUP Performance Management 2.0 (DOHR) ONLINE
STAR1000 GREAT Customer Service: STAR Principles (DOHR) ONLINE
PC1000 Performance Coaching (DOHR) Classroom
GSPM1000 Get SMARTer: Coaching for Higher Performance (DOHR) Classroom
DDR1000 Developing DIrect Reports and Others (DORH) Classroom
EC1000 Effective Communication (DOHR) Classroom
Coming soon! Supervising for Worker Wellness and Safety Live Webinar
Individual Learning Plan Observation and Coaching with Supervisor: Observation of Team Meeting Coaching

Individual Learning Plan and Final Presentation Panel (ILP)

New supervisors will use the Child Welfare Supervisor Certification Program ILP to:

  • Schedule and track their progress in the program to ensure completion by the deadline
  • Document observation and coaching sessions with the Supervisor
  • Document results of the Final Presentation Panel

Click here to view the Supervisor Certification Program ILP

Following completion of the entire document, submit Individual Learning Plan for Supervisor Certification here.