Contact Veto Registry

The Contact Veto Registry allows certain eligible individuals to express written willingness, or unwillingness, for contact with persons who seek to contact them.

For example, a birth sibling can register to indicate a desire to be contacted by a sibling who may be searching his or her adoption records. Or, a birth parent can indicate an unwillingness to be contacted should adoption records ever be shared.

Please note, registering does not initiate a search for an individual. If you would like to begin a search please refer to “Access to Records.”

If You Were Adopted

You do not have to register with the registry, for adopted individuals are notified anytime anyone tries to access their record and they must give written consent or denial for the release of any identifying information.

The Contact Veto Registry applies to: 

  • Birth and adoptive parents.
  • Birth and adoptive siblings.
  • Lineal ancestor of the adopted person.
  • Lineal descendant of the adopted person.
  • Spouse of the adopted person.
  • Legal representative of any of these people.

Legal Requirements

It is a violation, punishable by law, to contact these individuals without going through the provisions of the registry, and to use the information obtained to cause harm or injury to any individual. You cannot use the information obtained from the records to contact an individual who has filed a contact veto.


There is a $25 fee to register, payable when the form is submitted.

What You Should Know

  • Should a person desire contact, he or she may describe the method of contact either directly or asking for contact through one or more parties.
  • Individuals who have filed their preference for contact may vary or withdraw their contact veto registration at any time.
  • Persons being sought, but who have not filed with the registry, and who are located by the Post Adoption staff, will be given the opportunity to register for contact if desired. They are given 90 days to return this information.
  • Decisions regarding the desires for contact by the person being sought will be shared with the person requesting service.

To Register:

You must send a completed, signed Contact Veto Registry form, along with a copy of your ID and payment.  Please mail the following items to the address below to register:

Completed and signed Contact Veto Registry Form.  You can download this form here. If you wish for us to mail you a form to complete, please contact us and we will be happy to mail you a form to complete.

Verification copy of your identity.  Acceptable proof examples: picture ID, driver’s license, passport, full birth certificate, or marriage certificate.

Your fee payment of $25.00 can be made the form of a cashier’s check, money order, or personal check made payable to Department of Children’s Services.

Mailing Address:

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
UBS Building
Post Adoption Services
315 Deaderick Street, 9th Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

Post Adoption Services Information Line: (615) 532-5637