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2018 Summaries

The Department of Children's Services  shall release certain information related to child deaths and near deaths in accordance with Tenn. Code Ann. 37-5-107(c)(4).

In 2013, DCS adopted new criteria for tracking and reporting child deaths and near deaths in a manner that is consistent with our mission.

The Department tracks custody deaths, non-custody deaths, custody near deaths, and non-custody near deaths.

Important Note: It is essential to have an accurate understanding of the child death data reported on this site. For information on reporting methodology, definitions, data parameters, etc. please click here.

2018 Quarterly Summaries

2018 Annual Summaries

  • Custody
    • ​​​Annual Custody Child Deaths Summary (Pending)
    • Annual Custody Child Near Deaths Summary (Pending)
  • Non-Custody 
    • Annual Non-Custody Child Deaths Summary (Pending)
    • Annual Non-Custody Child Near Deaths Summary (Pending)

2018 Child Death Review Reports