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Information for Existing Delegated Authority Providers

Because the specific service needs of some children and families served by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) cannot be determined in advance, DCS established the Delegated Authority (DA) approval process. The DA process is not a bidding process, but a standardized rate system based on established Medicare rates for some services. The DA process provides an efficient manner for DCS staff throughout the state’s 95 counties to access medical care/ treatment, behavioral health services, as well as other services for state custodial and non-custodial children and their families, who are not eligible for TennCare and do not have other private medical insurance.

Please note that being an approved vendor does not guarantee the utilization of your services by any DCS region.

DCS provider agencies, including agencies approved under the DA process, will conduct annual background checks on all employees who may or may not have direct contact with children or employees who work with sensitive or confidential information. The following is a detailed listing of the documentation and background checks that must be completed annually with results maintained in the employee’s personnel file:

  • Driving records including validation of current driver license and a check of moving violations records.
  • An Internet Records Clearance; the internet records clearance involves a background check of the following:
  • Drug Offender Registry Clearance
  • TN Felony Offender Database Clearance
  • National Sexual Offender Registry Clearance
  • Department of Health Abuse Registry Clearance

Results from all annual background checks must be documented on DCS form CS-0687, Background Check History and IV-E Eligibility Checklist or equivalent form.

Policies & Forms

Approval of a DA service provider is valid for two (2) years from the date of approval email. Being an approved vendor does not guarantee the utilization of your services by any DCS region. The Department will consider all monitoring information and any reported concerns in the assessment of your performance. Please note that the Department reserves the right to withdraw approval at any time if a vendor fails to meet the qualifications specified in the application. Moreover, approval may be withdrawn at any time for cause.

At any time providers have the option to request that their service array and/or coverage area be expanded. If you are an existing approved DA provider and would like to expand your services to additional counties and/or regions, or you would like to add additional services to your approved service array, please click here.

Description of Available Services

To request service changes and/or report concerns or suggestions please contact:

Elvie Newcomb, Program Coordinator for the Delegated Authority Process
(615) 253-7715