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Current Employee Graduate Tuition Reimbursement Information

Approval of Participation

After the first semester that a participant is admitted into the program they are required to complete an Approval of Participation form each semester they participate in the program. This form must be submitted by April 1 each year for the upcoming school year. 

Approval of Participation Form

Tuition and Book Reimbursement

Participants must submit all required documentation each semester—including, but not limited to, class schedules, grade reports, receipts for tuition, and receipts for books—for verification of program standing and reimbursements

Participants must submit grades, schedules and receipts for tuition and books to the DCS tuition program to ensure contract compliance by the following due dates prior to each semester.

Due dates for Reimbursement:

  • Fall semester by January 31
  • Spring semester by June 15
  • Summer semester by September 1

Please scan and email these documents to

Public Higher Education Fee Waiver

The State of Tennessee offers to its employees the benefit of a free class per semester/term in the form of a fee waiver. Employees participating in the Employee Graduate Tuition Reimbursement Program at a public in-state institution are required to pay for one of their courses each semester or term using this Public Higher Education Fee Waiver Form. If attending a private institution that does not recognize/accept this Fee Waiver, the student must personally pay for 3.0 hours (non-reimbursable). To download this form and/or view complete details on rules and regulations governing its use, please consult these links:

Fee Waiver FAQ

Fee Waiver Form and Rules for State Employees

Tennessee Higher Education Commission
Title Employee Graduate Tuition Reimbursement Program participants should download this form, have it signed by their immediate supervisor, and then submit it directly to their university's Bursar's office on or before the deadline for fee payment/confirmation (approximately one month before classes begin). This form can be faxed to the Bursar's office for notation; however, the university will require an original copy with signatures in ink.

Below is the contact information of the Bursar offices to which the form should be sent:

Bursar Offices

Austin Peay State University 
Business Office/Accounting Services
Attention:  Amy Tanner
Browning Building, Room 301
P.O. Box 4635
Clarksville TN 37044
Office:  931-221-7480 
Fax:  931-221-6171

East Tennessee State University
Bursar’s Office
Attention:  Beverly Bennett
Burgin Dossett Hall, Room 202
P.O. Box 70732
Johnson City, TN  37614
Office:  423-439-4212
Fax:  423-439-4650

Middle Tennessee State University
Business Office
Attention:  Sherri Justice
103 Cope Administration Building
1301 East Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN  37132
Office:  615-898-2167
Fax:  615-904-8169

Tennessee State University
Bursar’s Office
Attention:  Harriet Callier
3500 John A. Merritt Boulevard
P.O. Box 9621
Nashville, TN  37209
Office:  615-963-7634
Fax:  (615) 963-7632

University of Memphis
Bursar's Office
Attention:  Sonya Chamberlin
115 Wilder Tower
P.O. Box 1000, Department 313
Memphis, TN  38152
Office:  901-678-3898
Fax:  901-678-0288
University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Bursar’s Office
Attention:  Mary Lynn Wooldridge 
211 Student Services Building
Knoxville, TN  37996
Office:  865-974-1392
Fax:  865-974-1945

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Bursar’s Office
Attention:  Deadra Dixson
​Office: 423-425-4877