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Application for Master's Students

DCS MSW/MSSW Tuition Assistance Application Process

Please note the following information and observe the following procedures carefully if applying for the DCS MSW/MSSW Tuition Assistance Program. Failure to fully complete and submit application materials by the deadline listed could result in disqualification or delays to your admittance to the program.


To apply for the DCS MSW/MSSW Tuition Assistance Program, the applicant must:

  • be a full-time DCS employee. Priority consideration is given to case manager 3, team leaders, team coordinators, deputy regional administrators and regional administrators. 
  • have been employed by DCS for at least two consecutive years.
  • be in good-standing with the Department
    • not on probation at the time of application.
    • no current or pending disciplinary action.
    • no history of disciplinary action within the past three  years with any state agency. (Disciplinary action includes written warnings, suspensions, demotions or terminations.)
  • have received a Performance Evaluation within the past 12 months with a score of at least "valued."
  • have received approval from immediate supervisor and regional leadership on Initial Approval of Participation Request, prior to August 1st.
  • have been unconditionally accepted into an accredited or in-candidacy MSW/MSSW program at a participating university.


Please have Initial Approval of Participation Request submitted to Central Office prior to the following date:

  • August 1 (one year prior to your anticipated acceptance into the tuition program)

Please have remaining application materials submitted to Central Office after the August 1 deadline but prior to the following date:

  • June 1 (one year after you received approval to participate in the tuition assistance programs from your immediate supervisor and regional leadership)

Application Materials

Successful completion of each of the following documents is required for entry into the DCS MSW/MSSW Tuition Assistance Program.

  • Document 1: Initial Approval of Participation Request 
  • Document 2: Application
  • Document 3: Authorization to Release Academic Information Form
  • Document 4: A photocopy of your letter of acceptance into an accredited or in-candidacy MSW/MSSW program
  • Document 5: Program Agreement
  • Document 6: Essay. Please thoroughly answer all questions below. 
    • Why do you want to obtain your MSW/MSSW?
    • What are your post-graduation plans and goals?
    • How will an advanced degree help your career at DCS?
    • How is obtaining this degree of benefit to DCS?
    • Do you intend to apply for higher level positions within DCS once you obtain your advanced degree?
    • What achievements and/or recognition have you received since being at DCS (state wide, regional, county, team, etc)?
    • Have you received any disciplinary actions (to include oral warnings, written warnings, suspensions, demotions, re-assignments, terminations, etc.) since you have been employed with DCS? 

Interview Dates:

If interviews for the Fall semester will take place these interviews will take place during the months of June or July in Nashville, TN.  Dates will be disclosed once they are determined.  If interviews are to take place then all applicants must interview in person to be considered for acceptance into the program.

E-Mail Application Packet To:

What's Next? 

If interviews are to be held then, applicants will receive notification of their interview status after the application deadline of June 1st.  Interviews for the Fall acceptance will take place during the months of June or July in Nashville, TN.  Dates will be updated once they are determined and applicants will be notified via email or by phone.

After interviews have completed, applicants will be notified of their status in the program by the end of July.  All accepted applicants will be required to turn in their schedules to the Central Office contact.