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Meet Peyton


Peyton is a pretty typical 16-year-old. He likes video games and sports, has ambitions for college and success.

He also wants a loving family he can always come home to -- particularly during the years he is away at the University of Alabama, where he hopes to attend college and pursue a degree in engineering or digital art.

“I have learned how to use digital art through classes here at school. I could use my digital art skills to work for a company. And, I like to build and design things” Peyton said.

Enthusiastic and kind, it doesn’t take much for Peyton to open up about his aspirations and likes.

Peyton also is incredibly active: He’s a football player and basketball player. When he’s not outside playing sports with friends, he is chatting in online communities with other players while playing video games. He says his favorite games are Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty.

Peyton also is an NCAA, NBA and NFL fan. (He currently claims allegiance to Crimson Tide, the Thunder and the Steelers.) However, Peyton will admit “I’m not big into college basketball.”

He finds it hard to imagine what his adoptive family would be like, hard to conjure a vision of the unknown -- not that that this teen-ager hasn’t tried.

“I hope they like sports and have pets,” Peyton said. “I’m really good with pets.”

 He is wise enough to know that what he really needs is a family who will be loving, kind, and welcoming. Peyton needs a nurturing family who can gently remind him and hold him accountable to learn independent living and social skills.

All across Tennessee we are looking for those special families who can open their homes to kids like Peyton.

Sarah Jolly is Peyton’s permanency specialist at the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. To learn more about Peyton contact her: or at 615-206-6616. 

You can also visit to learn more about Peyton.