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Meet Cody


Cody’s vision for his future is nothing if not expansive. He sees himself traveling far in his life. That ambition speaks to his sense of adventure, his open mind, his desire to see new worlds.

This 14-year-old child in foster care has the strong sense that before he heads across the Pacific Ocean  for China -- as he truly wants to do one day -- he needs a home to which he can always return. Before Cody can wander, he needs a home. An adoptive home, perhaps in his native Tennessee.  

He has a friend who traveled once to China and those tales are what sparked his dreams of foreign lands. “The Chinese have big cities, much bigger than we have over here.” Cody believes that if ever gets the chance to go, he’d be wholly open to meeting people whose experiences and ways are genuinely different from his own.

That desire and openness applies to whomever would be willing to adopt him one day, too.

Talk to Cody about his aspirations, and at first, he’s likely to be shy with a stranger and understandably guarded. Give him a few minutes, and he’ll start to open up.

You’ll learn that he’s incredibly active.  He’s a runner, a basketball player and an NBA fan. (He currently claims allegiance to the Cavaliers and the Heat.)  He’d love it if he were in a home where he could get a YMCA membership so that he could have some quality indoor court time, in fact.

He writes poetry. He writes lyrics.  His journal is filled not only with his words but his drawings and doodlings. He likes to lose himself in his writing. It helps him think. It helps to keep him centered.

He plays the trumpet, and he’d really like to explore the piano.

He finds it hard to imagine what his adoptive family would be like, hard to conjure a vision of the unknown -- not that that this teenager hasn’t tried and tried hard.

“I’d like a nice, funny, active, entertaining family that will invest their time with me,” Cody said. He is wise enough to know that what he really needs is a family that will be kind, welcoming and open. The extra-curriculars can all come later, after all.

It’s National Adoption Month

All across Tennessee we are looking for those special families who can open their homes to kids like Cody.

Jennifer Kindle is Cody’s permanency specialist at the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. If you can help her find Cody a forever home, please get in touch and let her know.  You can reach her at or at 615-217-8938. You can also visit to learn more about Cody.