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Foster Care

Walk Me Home 2016

Walk Me Home 2016, a fund-raising event by the Tennessee Foster Adoptive Care Association, which supports children and foster parents.

Meet Micah


Do you like ribs? Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you need to meet Micah, an active 14-year-old Tennessean, who loves sports, and wouldn’t mind getting onto a wrestling or boxing team. And yes, he loves to cook.

Meet Peyton


Peyton is a pretty typical 16-year-old. He likes video games and sports, has ambitions for college and success.

He also wants a loving family he can always come home to -- particularly during the years he is away at the University of Alabama, where he hopes to attend college and pursue a degree in engineering or digital art. 

Meet Cody


Cody’s vision for his future is nothing if not expansive. He sees himself traveling far in his life. That ambition speaks to his sense of adventure, his open mind, his desire to see new worlds.

This 14-year-old foster child has the strong sense that before he heads across the Pacific Ocean  for China -- as he truly wants to do one day -- he needs a home to which he can always return. Before Cody can wander, he needs a home. An adoptive home, perhaps in his native Tennessee.  

What it Means to be a Foster Parent


By Darlene Brown

What does  Foster Parenting Mean to Me?

At First

  • Foster parenting means getting a call at 2 a.m. to accept children into our home, climbing out of bed and throwing on sweats to ready a room before the children arrive.
  • Foster parenting means witnessing hurt and pain beyond belief as a child opens up and tells you of their past trauma.
  • Foster parenting means constant juggling of medical, dental, therapist and specialist appointments in addition to meetings and court dates.
  • Foster parenting means sleepless nights to comfort a scared child who wakens with night terrors, wet beds or other "accidents" and then trudging off to work the next morning with just a tad bit more make up on to camouflage the bags from the sleepless night.

We asked Tennessee Foster Parents why they became foster parents. Here is what some of them said.